Why every one should buy a Term Plan
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Association against “Short-Ball” to be non-strike for the entire InPL season

Universal Ass. Against Short Pitch Bowling has issued a press statement that they will be on non-strike for the entire Intolerant People’s League season. This came after month long talks between UAASPB and ISeeSee concluded without any decision. UAASPB leader Short-Ball Na-Daina informed the press that they had raised certain demands to ISeeSee including Short-Ball = No-Ball: All balls pitched shorter than good […]

Gamer hospitalized for “being in a fix” after selecting the perfect fantasy IPL team

A gamer was seriously “injured” after “being in a fix” for close to three & a half hours yesterday. It was reported that he was watching an IPL match when this happened. He was playing fantasy IPL game and he had chosen a perfect XI with 6 players from one team and 5 from the other. However, as […]

News Flash InPL10 : Week 0

Manmani’s justify 200% increase in Talent Sharma pay, to retain “talent” With the pay revision of Intolerant People’s League players last week, a lot of criticism has been observed over the 200% pay increase for Talent Sharma. A senior HR manager at Manmani’s explained “Talent is key to the first part of our strategy of starting bad and bouncing back. […]

News Flash InPL10 : Week (-1)

Swing Khan to be a “supporting actor” Having Pet Kamin, Kabhi-se Kabada, MD Swami in the squad; it was looking difficult for Swing Khan to make an entry. After discussing with Bare Angels coach Wall, Swing has decided to play a supporting cast. He would be playing all matches supporting one of the 3 pacers, who will be […]

Why every one should buy a Term Plan

Why every one should buy a Term Plan

Insurance is the most misunderstood and most abused financial product in India. Insurance companies have been notorious in duping uninformed customers with misfit products to generate profits. Lack of awareness of Insurance hasn’t helped either. The result is that people ignore this important requirement from financial security point of view. While Insurance is of multiple kinds, the […]

Un-Honi dethroned!!!

Venue: RGSP’s board meeting. “He has refused to “eat” the gutkha and smile, for our next gutkha ad for overseas promotion.” “But that’s no reason to sack him. And what guarantee do you have that Tommy Smith would “eat” our gutkha and also smile?” “If Bond can do it then can’t imagine Tommy won’t. Afterall he […]

The right method to transfer money online

Money is increasingly becoming cashless and people tech savvy. This means the good old cheque payments and cash transfers are getting replaced with online transfer through netbanking- largely NEFT. NEFT is a method to transfer money from one bank account to another, provided relevant details of the beneficiary are given at the time of transfer (bank account no. and bank branch […]

Buying a Car vs Ubering

Buying a Car vs Ubering

[Disclaimer: This is not a sarcastic post] For starters: Ubering means to use Uber. Uber is an app based taxi service. It’s essentially an on-demand taxi service where a user can call for a taxi by using the Uber app. Apart from Uber, this kind of service is also provided by Ola in India. To learn more about […]

On Road (Landed) Price of a Car

On Road (Landed) Price of a Car

[Disclaimer: This is not a sarcastic post] Buying a car is a matter of great pride for families in India. It probably rates just below buying a house in terms of life milestones for any middle class family. Similar to the landed price of a house, the landed price or On Road price of a car […]

Why you should have all Credit Cards and also None

[Disclaimer: This post is not sarcastic] Credit card always ring a negative bell in middle people’s mind. Rightly so. Credit card companies have been notorious in duping innocent customers with finer prints and hefty fines. Read here, the tyranny of one such customer at the hand of a big bank. However, if one is vigilant, ever so slightly, […]