Beer Whiskey Rum- After the loss- Part I

After the bashing yesterday, Maal-Le-Liya called the leadership team of Beer-Whiskey-Rum for a conference call.

Team manager- “Hello Boss. How are you?”
“Cut the bullshit. Tell me what happened yesterday?”

Team manager looks at the Captain & Coach with a blank face, indicating that they should take over.

Coach- “Hi Boss. This is Katori. I think the boys played well. The wicket was good. Ball was coming on nicely. The boys played well….”
Maal-Le-Liya stops hims -“Katori! Dont behave like Moenuddin. I want a clear answer. How did we lose.”
Super Commando Dhruv starts defending now- “Mr Maal-Le-Liya! We played well but the opposition played better. That’s why we lost. It happens in this game. Someday we win, someday we lose. What big deal?”
“Let me tell you Mr Captain! I have done many deals in my life. There’s not a single deal that I have lost.”
Dhruv reacts before Maal-Le-Liya is finished “But Sir. What about Queen-Fisher Tours and Travels?”

“Yeah. What about that. I made a lot of money on that, I won. In fact that has been one of the most profitable deals I have made.I made great profit out of it.”
“And look at the branding and employment opportunities it has created. Leave apart the ones who worked for Loseus, imagine the amount of employment it has generated in Banks, Media, Foreign Affairs. I am MAKING IN INDIA.”

“Aise to Kallu Halwai bhi bahut employment generate kar raha hai. Roz itni mithai dump karta hai- chittiyon ki line lag jaati hai. He is also MAKING IN INDIA.” whispers Dhruv in low voice.

“What the Brother-Father-Uncle are you taking about?”

“Sir, I was tryin to say..”
“Oh Stop trying and say it!!”
“We screwed up” declares Katori in a stern voice and repeats in a louder tone- “Yes, we screwed up, royally.”
“Are you happy now? Mr Maal-Le-Liya?”

Maal-Le-liya is a little jolted and there is extreme silence, both sides of conference call.

“Mr Maa-Le-Liya! Are you there? Mr Maal-Le-Liya.”

…to be continued.

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