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Quote 16

A boss is as good as his sub ordinates. A subordinate is as good as the boss feels.

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Corporate Rule for Success: 1% Inspiration, 4% perspiration and 95% suckification

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Man has reached moon. Thank God astronauts aren’t Managers otherwise we still would be figuring out what color the rocket should be.

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What’s Management? “If you have money then you have to convince why it’s yours otherwise its mine, if I have money then you to convince why it’s not mine otherwise its mine.”

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Managements’ biggest contribution to universe is that it has managed to contain all the assholes within skyscrapers.

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We are lucky to have invented Wheel before Management, if it was the other way around, we would still be dragging boxes.

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Law of Work in Management: If 1 Manger can do a task in 10 days, then 10 managers will take longer, & 100 managers can’t finish it.