Apr 172016

Intolerant People’s League’s Team Analysis by Har-Show me Bhag-Le, Hold Your Breath Lee, Prof Very Very Lacchu, Shame Warned

Bhag-Le -“So what do you guys think about Bare Angels. Players are changing every year. Do you think this years’ composition can win it for them.
Breath Lee- “The Wall as the coach would be really helpful for them.”
Prof Lacchu says they have a good all round team. Shame says the key for Angels is consistency.

Bhag-Le- “A lot of players are now excited at the prospect of being hugged by Shimla vs Ruk Ruk. So do you think Ex’s XI will finally make a mark?”
Warned- “They have decent quick bowlers. Prof Lacchu showers the insight that their coach Tuk Tuk Anger has been doing a good job in picking up young talents from domestic season.

Bhag-Le- “Moving on. They have won this tournament before and seem to have a stable side. What do you guys think about the prospects of Kuch Kuch Rota hai this year.
Breath Lee- “They rely a lot on spinners and they continue have a lot of good spinners.
Prof Lacchu- “They have good desi batsmen. And in Jokes Khaleesh, they have a great coach.

Bhag-Le- “Over to the big boys now. Would Tolerant WorldMoney Bhai’s be able to defend the title this year?”
Warned- “They have settled side as well as settled support staff and management.”
Prof Lacchu- “Given the depth in batting they should look at chasing more.”

Bhag-Le- “And now the most explosive batting line up ever. Can they finally Make it Large. Can any team get past Beer Whiskey Rum’s top four.”
Breath Lee- “It’s going to be Nightmarish for opposition bowlers.”
Warned is again prescribing them to chase.

Bhag-Le – “Over to the newbies now. Does Left Over SuperĀ Kings look like a good side?”
Prof Lacchu- “Kar-Theek is still looking for a franchise home.
Warned- “They have excellent death bowling and a very balanced side.”
Prof Lacchu- “Stun Gun and Bubble Gum can do a lot of damage to opposition.”

BHag-Le – “And finally the Real Kings Return. They have a great skipper who knows how to win.
Prof Lacchu – “But in Angrezi Talent, Run-Banane, Du Paise and Tomy Smith they have a lot of 1-Dimensional players.” drawing a straight line on the board.

Bhag-Le – “Over to the last team. What’s your take on Mid Night Biryani.
Finally taking a breath, Breath Lee speaks up – “They have a lot of opening batsman. And full of left handers.
Warned- “It’s another well balanced side.”

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