Apr 092017

Universal Ass. Against Short Pitch Bowling has issued a press statement that they will be on non-strike for the entire Intolerant People’s League season. This came after month long talks between UAASPB and ISeeSee concluded without any decision. UAASPB leader Short-Ball Na-Daina informed the press that they had raised certain demands to ISeeSee including

  • Short-Ball = No-Ball: All balls pitched shorter than good length to be called No-Ball
  • Shortening fast bowlers run-up: Run-up for fat bowlers to be restricted to 5 steps
  • Life imprisonment for bowling bouncers

ISeeSee refused to agree on these terms as per their announcement yesterday. Nagraj, InSane Watt are some of the other noted members from UAASPB, who will join Na-Daina in the season long strike by remaining on non-strike against all potential abusers of short pitch bowling.