Apr 092017

A gamer was seriously “injured” after “being in a fix” for close to three & a half hours yesterday. It was reported that he was watching an IPL match when this happened. He was playing fantasy IPL game and he had chosen a perfect XI with 6 players from one team and 5 from the other. However, as the match started he got into the fix of indecision as “what to expect” from the next ball. Since most of the time it was his fantasy team’s batsman facing against his fantasy team bowler. There were numerous occasions where this pain peaked like-

  • Fantasy batsman at 49 trying a six against fantasy bowler with figures of 3.5-0-39-0, which is controversially caught at boundary by fantasy fielder and decision goes to third umpire
  • Power player faces fantasy bowler on a Hat-trick

Doctors have issued an advisory to fantasy league gamers to avoid choosing the perfect XI and instead make random selections to keep their anxiety under control.