Apr 092017

Manmani’s justify 200% increase in Talent Sharma pay, to retain “talent”

With the pay revision of Intolerant People’s League players last week, a lot of criticism has been observed over the 200% pay increase for Talent Sharma. A senior HR manager at Manmani’s explained “Talent is key to the first part of our strategy of starting bad and bouncing back. Without him, it would be difficult for us to lose first 4-5 games.

Liyo offer extended till next InPL

Liyo offer has been extended to all InPL players till the next season at a token price of wearing Liyo on their sleeves. They would also need to show up in dancing shoes in order to continue their Prime Liyo membership. A few players were seen training with the Cheer Girls before the start of matches in orer to grab the Liyo offer.

Ben “bhai” Hill-pe-House has been signed up Bare Angels

Bare Angels continue to take big strides towards their vision of fielding All Seamer XI. They have sacrificed another non-seamer Jai Prakash Dwivedi to pull in Ben “bhai” Hill-pe-House. He has been signed up for a mere 2 BHK on the hill. Read more about how Swing Khan has taken up a “supporting role” at Bare Angels.